9/11 – Season 1 Episode 2

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Premiere On: Wed, December 9 at 10P Watch Episode 2 - 9/11 Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura Jesse Ventura steps into America's most controversial conspiracy by challenging the 9/11 Commission Report and searching for...

HAARP – Season 1 Episode 1

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Premiere On: Wed, December 2 at 10P Watch Episode 1- HAARP Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura Is it a communications research project or a doomsday weapon that can change the weather, shoot satellites out of orbit- and...

Jesse Ventura Live Chat Replay Conspiracy Theory

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Jesse Ventura Live Chat Replay Conspiracy Theory No Video? Return to Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura Government Shutdown

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Jesse Ventura Piers Morgan FULL Interview. Government Shutdown To JFK Conspiracy. jesse ventura joins piers morgan to talk government shutdown, jesse ventura piers morgan talks running for president in 2nd segment. je...

Conspiracy Theory June Sarpong Michael Jackson Live Seance

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Derek Acorah conducts a seance in the hope of contacting the King of Pop. The proceedings take place from a secret location that was once inhabited by Michael Jackson. Presented by June Sarpong.

Conspiracy Theory June Sarpong in Michael Jackson The Search for his Spirit

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June Sarpong embarks on a quest to find out more about the singer, with access to some of his closest friends, including the author of biography Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson and his spiritual healer, R...

Navy Seal Chris Kyle Knocks out Jesse Ventura: Jesse Responds.

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Jesse's Statement: The event this man spoke of never happened. I have been to Mc P’s many times since leaving the Navy. I was never there alone. I was always accompanied by other people. If this happened 6...

Jesse Ventura Interview Conspiracy Theory

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Ex-Governor Jesse Ventura tells us how CONSPIRACY THEORY started and some of the access he received while filming. Watch this Exclusive Interview with Jesse Ventura and how the show started. How his status as an Ex-Go...

Tesla car on fire

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It's a Tesla Car on Fire

FREE Electricity? But How Is This Possible?

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Discover How to Use a 100 Year Old Device to Generate FREE Electricity. How Much Money Are Your Giving Away To Power Your Home? Electric Power is Everywhere Present In Unlimited Quantities, It Can Drive The World's Ma...

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