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Jesse Ventura The Criminal In-Justice System – Off the Grid

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ABOUT THIS EPISODE The Governor follows the money trail to our broken criminal justice system and exposes why the Land of the Free has more people sitting behind bars than any other country in the world. Who's ma...

Brain Invaders – Season 3 Episode 7

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Could the so-called crazies in tin foil hats be on to something? Targeted individuals, or TIs, claim that the government is harassing - even torturing - them by sending microwave signals into their brains and bodies t...

Manimal – Season 3 Episode 6

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Also known as the Manpanzee, this chimp-human hybrid is part of an ongoing conspiracy theory known as "The Manimal Program." Jesse Ventura and his team investigated this terrifying abuse of scientific power. In 2006, ...

Skinwalker – Season 3 Episode 5

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UFOs corralled in the Utah desert could it be true? An eccentric millionaire may indeed have a secret or two tucked away on hundreds of acres of a privately owned and heavily guarded ranch, and its not for R&R. Amazin...